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Erratum: Vol. 69, No. 5

In the report “Initial Public Health Response and Interim Clinical Guidance for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak — United States, December 31, 2019–February 4, 2020,” on page 142, the fourth sentence of the first paragraph under “Laboratory and Diagnostic Support” should have read “On February 4, 2020 the Food and Drug Administration issued an Emergency Use Authorization to enable emergency use of CDC’s 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.”

On page 142, the first sentence of the first paragraph in the second column should have read “CDC is working closely with FDA and public health partners, including the Association of Public Health Laboratories, to rapidly share these tests domestically and internationally through CDC’s International Reagent Resource (”

In addition, names of the members of the 2019-nCoV CDC Response Team were omitted. The names are included below.