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Bovine respiratory syncytial virus in experimentally exposed and rechallenged calves; viral shedding related to clinical signs and the potential for transmission – Background

Seroprevalence and risk factor associated with respiratory viral pathogens in dual-purpose cattle of Aguachica, Rio de Oro, and La Gloria municipalities in Cesar department, Colombia – Introduction

Discovery of a Bovine Enterovirus in Alpaca – Introduction

Association of herd BRSV and BHV-1 seroprevalence with respiratory disease and reproductive performance in adult dairy cattle – Background

Human bocavirus (HBoV) in children with respiratory tract infection by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and qualitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – Background

Bovine respiratory syncytial virus seroprevalence and risk factors in non-vaccinated dairy cattle herds in Brazil – Background

Bovine Rhinitis Viruses Are Common in U.S. Cattle with Bovine Respiratory Disease – Introduction

Mycoplasma detection by triplex real-time PCR in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from bovine respiratory disease complex cases – Background

Isolation of a Divergent Strain of Bovine Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 (BPIV3) Infecting Cattle in China – 1. Introduction

Prevalence of Pathogens Related to Bovine Respiratory Disease Before and After Transportation in Beef Steers: Preliminary Results – 1. Introduction

Human bocavirus (HBoV) in children with respiratory tract infection by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and qualitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – Microbiological results

Identification and Molecular Characterisation of Bovine Parainfluenza Virus-3 and Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus - First Report from Turkey – Introduction

The relationship between antibody status to bovine corona virus and bovine respiratory syncytial virus and disease incidence, reproduction and herd characteristics in dairy herds – Background

DIVA metabolomics: Differentiating vaccination status following viral challenge using metabolomic profiles – Introduction

Longitudinal study of humoral immunity to bovine coronavirus, virus shedding, and treatment for bovine respiratory disease in pre-weaned beef calves – Background

Phylogenetic investigation of enteric bovine coronavirus in Ireland reveals partitioning between European and global strains – Findings

Infections and perinatal diseases – a comparative overview – Classical swine fever

Specificity and Effector Functions of Human RSV-Specific IgG from Bovine Milk – Introduction

Bovine respiratory syncytial virus outbreak reduced bulls’ weight gain and feed conversion for eight months in a Norwegian beef herd – Background

Rapid detection of infectious bovine Rhinotracheitis virus using recombinase polymerase amplification assays – Background

Serological Evidence of Influenza D Virus Circulation Among Cattle and Small Ruminants in France – 1. Introduction

Novel Flu Viruses in Bats and Cattle: “Pushing the Envelope” of Influenza Infection – 1. Introduction

Infections and perinatal diseases – a comparative overview – Introduction

In Vivo Characterisation of Five Strains of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus 1 (Subgenotype 1c) – 1. Introduction